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Child Care Centers

When new regulations were first enacted (2007), PEA began to assist new and existing child care centers in meeting environmental requirements to obtain or renew their State Licenses by 1) conducting Preliminary Assessments, Site and Remediation Investigations, Remediation and Indoor Environmental Health Assessments, and 2) issuing Response Action Outcomes (RAO’s).

Contamination & Pollution

Since the 1970’s, members of PEA’s staff has successfully assisted clients who either own or are in the process of purchasing undeveloped or developed tracts of land varying from less than an acre to almost 3,000 acres, through the maze of Federal and New Jersey Wetlands Regulations.

Wetland Specialist

Since the mid-1980’s, PEA has been providing necessary services to the public for navigating through the regulatory programs of Site Remediation, Industrial Site Recovery, Hazardous Material and Waste Management, Underground Storage Tanks and Industrial, Commercial and Single/Multifamily Land Use.

We Offer Down To Earth Solutions

Environmentalists. Biologist. Planners.
As an environmental consulting firm with expertise in both human & natural resources, PEA offers a full range of services to private and government clients.

PEA is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm, with staff expertise in both human and natural resources. Our President, David L. Poling, has over 40 years of experience in the environmental consulting field. Currently, Mr. Poling is the Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) of record for 1) Trend Motors, Rockaway, New Jersey (Groundwater Remediation-Methylene Chloride and Waste Oil), 2) Long Valley Garage, Washington Township, New Jersey (Groundwater and Soil Remediation-Hydraulic Fluid and Waste Oil) and 3) Blewett Junk Yard / Robertsville Development Company, Howell, New Jersey (Soil, Groundwater and Ecological Remediation).

We have proven success in obtaining permits, licenses and other approvals for our clients and resolving enforcement and violation actions against them. Though we have extensive training and experience in field studies, almost all of our projects require report and application preparation. We are intimately knowledgeable of current and proposed regulations and application requirements and procedures.

We deal with the regulatory agencies daily, provide consultation to engineers, surveyors and attorneys and have presented workshops and training sessions to other professionals.

Call In The Experts

For your next project, bring in the experts PEA. We’ll assist you in identifying and conserving valuable natural resources, showing you how to develop around them or how to enhance them. We will also serve you through our knowledge of government processes and regulations-as well as through our excellent relations with Federal & State Agencies-helping you achieve success in securing all necessary permits and approvals in a timely fashion.

Contact us for additional information on previous & current projects and for our list of clientele. And remember, no matter what your environmental problems may be, PEA is here to assist you… with solid, down-to-earth solutions.

PEA is a environmental consulting firm and Licensed Site Remediation Professional in NJ specializing in:

  • LSRP New Jersey
  • Licensed Site Remediation
  • NJ Environmental Impact Studies
  • NJ Ecological Studies

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