Professional Environmental Associates, Inc. (PEA) is a multi-discipline firm specializing in providing environmental contracting and consulting services. PEA provides the following services associated with contamination/pollution:

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments or Audits
  • ISRA (formerly ECRA) and Site Remediation Compliance and Approvals
  • Brownfield Development
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) testing, soil sampling, removal, abandonment and installation/replacement
  • Water Quality/Pollution Studies of Surface Waters (Freshwater, Estuarine and Marine)
  • Ground Waters Sampling and Monitoring
  • Soils Sampling
  • Potable Well Search and Water Assessment
  • Classification Exception Area (CEA) Development
  • Ecosystem Contamination/Toxicological Studies
  • Baseline Ecological Inventory and Evaluation
  • Ecological Evaluation/Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Solid Waste Management including landfills
  • Indoor and Outdoor Air Sampling and Analysis
  • Asbestos, Lead, Mold and Radon
  • No Further Action Letters
  • Remediation or Abatement
  • Permitting and Enforcement Action Resolution
  • Expert Testimony

PEA’s staff consists of environmental specialists, engineers, hydrogeologists, soil scientists, chemists, contamination/pollution experts, planners, biologists, technicians and support staff, trained and well qualified in their particular areas of expertise. In addition, all individuals assigned for field work on hazardous waste sites are trained and certified for health and safety.


PEA’s personnel are specialized in site investigations and remediation, and advising clients of the most cost effective approach for regulatory compliance. The majority of our efforts are related to compliance with regulations associated with ISRA, Site Remediation, RCRA, TSCA, LUST and CERCLA, as well as Federal, State and local requirements.PEA offers services related to investigation of contamination and pollution of surface waters, soils and groundwater and its affects on residents, plants and wildlife. Our qualified water resources experts, botanists, ecologists, hydrogeologists and engineers conduct comprehensive water quality, ecological, hydrogeological investigations related to surface and subsurface chemical contamination/pollution.

Subsurface investigation capabilities include the following:

  • Plume delineation through data collection of soil surveys, soil borings and the installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Definition of hydrologeologic regimes, identification of sources of contamination, determination of rate of migration of contaminants and plume delineation
  • Site investigations for defining the lateral and vertical extent of contamination through soil boring and monitoring wells
  • Well siting and configuration recommendation for optimum data control in plume studies
  • Well design and installation under Local, State and Federal control measures at hazardous waste sites
  • Soil and groundwater remediation through such methods as soil gas extraction (SGE), recovery wells, above-ground counter current air stripping

Surface investigation capabilities include the following:

  • Coastal sampling programs to assess impact to water quality and aquatic biota
  • Freshwater/aquatic sampling programs in rivers, streams, ponds and lakes to assess impact to water quality and aquatic biota
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Vegetation and wildlife inventories, contamination studies and risk assessment

PEA’s services include assisting clients with complying with New Jersey’s Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA), formerly known as the Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Act (ECRA). The tasks for which we are capable of completing include:

  • Filing for Applicability Determinations
  • Preparing General Information Submissions
  • Completing Site Evaluation Submissions
  • Filing for Administrative Consent Orders
  • Conducting all necessary data/information reviews, site investigations including
  • sampling/monitoring and application filings
  • Interfacing between client and NJDEP.


PEA’s staff has technical expertise, experience and regulatory knowledge in the design, construction, and maintenance of underground storage tank systems. Our services included the removal and installation of underground storage tank (UST) systems.

We take special precautions to make certain that procedures do not create nor add to contamination. We provide our clients with technical information and guidance on current or imminent environmental regulations, and interface between client and regulatory agency. These services include:

  • Tank system survey, analysis and registration
  • Tank removal
  • Permit application
  • Determination of location and extent of contamination
  • Site remediation


PEA’s staff has conducted ecosystem contamination/toxicological studies for the aquatic, wetland and terrestrial environments. In New Jersey, their capabilities include conducted Baseline Ecological Evaluation (BEE), Ecological Evaluations (EE) and Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) for contaminated and Brownfield sites under the ISRA and Site Remediation Programs. This has included 1) identifying sensitive ecological/sensitive receptors, 2) determining the extent of contamination of vegetation, terrestrial wildlife, aquatic organisms, sediment and the water column, 3) assessing acute or chronic toxicological impacts to specific organisms, 4) evaluating existing and potential alterations in food chains, food webs or the ecosystem on the whole, and 5) determining the extent and pathways of bioaccumulation.