PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, LLC. (PEA) is intimately familiar with State and Federal Laws and Regulations. They continue to spend countless hours reviewing existing and proposed regulations so as be better advise and assist clients. They are highly respected by agency personnel, client, engineers and their competitors. Their services have included consulting to attorneys, providing expert testimony, training other environmental professionals as well as obtaining permits and approvals and resolving enforcement actions for landowners and investors. PEA is often hired to specifically conduct regulatory reviews or evaluations for properties, projects, operations or investment strategies, sometimes as a second opinion.

David L. Poling, President of PEA, has often be told that it was thought that he had worked for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). This is due to his familiarity with the regulations and how successful PEA has been in obtaining permits/approvals. In actuality, he has been applying for and obtaining permits/approvals since the early 1970’s but has been a consultant to many local, State and Federal Agencies and has participated in training and regulation review. Mr. Poling has also taught college courses in environmental regulations and conducted workshops and training on environmental regulations for a multitude of years at annual conferences of the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

PEA has assisted a variety of private and government clients in Permitting, Licensing, Enforcement Action Resolution under the following regulations:

  • Section 404 and 10 Permits under the Federal Clean Water Act
  • Waterfront and Coastal Development Permits
  • Water Quality Certification
  • Stream Encroachment/Flood Hazard Area Permits
  • Tidal and Freshwater Wetlands
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA formerly ECRA)
  • Child Care Centers Licensing
  • Site Remediation and Management
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Remediation
  • Vapor Intrusion Studies
  • Brownfield and Contaminated Site Development
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Highlands Water Quality Protection and Management
  • Pinelands National Reserve
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Waterfront Development
  • Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

The staff has an excellent relationship with regulatory agencies and has been very successful in obtaining such permits and approvals for their clients. Almost every project PEA has completed included preparing reports, permit applications or complying with agency requirements. They have been very successful in securing permits and approvals. PEA has been especially successful in 1) obtaining Individual Wetland Permits under Section 404 of the Federal Clean Water Act and the New Jersey Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act and associated Rules, 2) Resolving Enforcement Actions under New Jersey Regulations and 3) obtaining “No Further Action” Letters under and fulfilling requirements of Administrative Consent Orders (ACO’s) or Agreements the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) Regulations and Site Remediation Programs.