Turn to PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES to assist you with your real estate investments including your residence or investment properties and to solve your environmental problems associated with these assets.

Over the last 25 years, PEA’s staff has assisted clients who either own or are in the process of purchasing undeveloped or developed tracts of land varying from less than an acre to almost 3,000 acres. They have guided investors, landowners, prospective purchasers, operators and project designers through the regulatory maze. The projects involved have included:

  • Residential Development – Single and Multi-family
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial, Commercial and Office Buildings and Complexes
  • Public Buildings and Facilities
  • Waterfront and Coastal Development
  • Military Installations
  • Hotels, Casinos, Convention Centers, Resort Development
  • Landfills and Resource Recovery Facilities
  • Interstate, State, County and Local Roadways
  • Mass Transit Facilities and Airports
  • Parks and Other Recreational Facilities
  • Waterways

PEA is available to assist you in

  • Assessing investment strategies
  • Maximizing or assessing site develop-ability
  • Evaluating or improving the value of your investment
  • Navigating through the regulatory maze
  • Obtaining required permits and approvals
  • Resolving Enforcement Actions
  • Siting projects
  • Assessing project feasibility
  • Determining project constraint analysis
  • Planning
  • Evaluating buildings and structures
  • Completing the Due Diligence Process
  • Improving the character of land including contaminant remediation
  • Evaluating operations
  • Construction or redevelopment
  • Assessing risk
  • Regulatory Agency Liaison
  • Legal suits against agencies based on “Takings Without Just Compensation”

PEA has extensive training and experience in

  • Applications for and processing of regulatory permits and approvals
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements
  • Natural and man-made resource inventories
  • Environmental restoration and habitat creation
  • Contamination/pollution investigations
  • Phase I, II and III Site Assessments and Audits
  • Environmental sampling
  • Environmental monitoring and inspection, Indoor and Outdoor
  • Site remediation
  • Construction and Field Supervision

PEA is intimately familiar with State and Federal Laws and Regulations. They continue to spend countless hours reviewing existing and proposed regulations so as be better advise and assist clients. They are highly respected by agency personnel, client, engineers and their competitors. Their services have included consulting to attorneys, providing expert testimony, training other environmental professionals. They have even been hired by their competitors to assist on highly complicated projects, provide a second opinion, assist in legal challenges or suits including defense and provide specialized support. It is not unusual for PEA to be hired as a subcontractor to other environmental firms.