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Do’s and Don’ts Prior to Indoor Air Sampling at Child Care Centers

Whenever we prepare for sampling or monitoring of Indoor Air including for a Child Care Center or any inhabited space in fact, we notify the staff/occupants verbally and in writing, of certain actions or inactions that we strongly suggest they undertake. For Child Care Centers: “Your staff is to show up for work without wearing… Read more »

Rubber Chips Playgrounds A Health Hazard to Children and the Environment?

Recently, we sampled the soils in a child care center’s playground area, much of whose surface was covered with rubber chips. What we found was exceedance of New Jersey’s Residential and Non-residential Site Remediation Standards (RSRS/NSRS) and Default Impact to Ground Water Screening Levels (DIGWSL). Specifically, PCB’s below the chips, exceeded RSRS and DIGWSL by… Read more »